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and >> >> welcome to rob black and your money. this show is dedicated to give you the headlines to help you understand how the market works. >> we will talk real-estate and financial planning. joining me right now is mark dannon fungi for. maligned i wa watchin stories and than from channel four.
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>> there is a lot of window shopping this year. the numbers were up 2.3%. friday was down in double digits. the mobile numbers are what is fascinating to me. 40 percent up. cyber monday is very popular in the morning. look at the calendar, it is only three weeks to christmas. >> amazon has a great story pripet they're talking about the deliveries on by drones. maligned this is fascinating. this is amazing footage of a drawing package been delivered to your home. it is awesome. this is a
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loser because there faa will not consider this until 2020. i think this is a great marketer and it was great to pull the story off even though it is nowhere near reality. >> we have big numbers from the box office. frozen and catching fire moving periodie. i love disney for the long term. this is for children, frozen. it is like a musical kind of like beauty and the beast. $200 million weekend. the media is alive and well. catching fire by lions gate is a huge hit. very, very powerful
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movie. >> she stated that they made honker games and there such a good franchise. keep an eye on line dates and stock. i might buy some. >> let's talk all settlements with banks. bank of america-that's what is going on? >> the attorney general is trying to become governor. with that being said recession is mine bad loans that people should never taken. there repackaging those loans. they will pay another i like the shares of this company because they pay $45 billion in their stock is going at a 52 high. when they put these
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settlements behind them and they will have a little bit of a slow growth. >> a tough time for people that are unemployed. over 200 million are about to lose their unemployment. >> unemployment for the last 26 of weeks but the last recession in 2008, they gave long term up to low whole year you could be unemployed for a year-and-a-half and not have to get off your couch. but this is not a funny story because of the east checks are spent. look for the economy to slow down when this goes through. long term unemployment is want to come to an end. it will be shortened. >> coming up we will talk to chat burton. we also have
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your e-mail's. rob@rob >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. let's talk with the expert chats burton about some mistakes and that we make. we do not want to admit it but we makes them. let's talk about the beneficiary. >> in terms of retirement it has life insurance when people either get married or divorced. they just to get to name one altogether. the biggest mistake is not having a beneficiary it at all. the biggest thing that people have the benefit of is if you do this the right
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way york cares, your spouse then they can keep it in an account without the 10% penalty. they can roll into their own 401k. your children can grow into an inherited one. they just have to take a little bit out each year. when people do not name a beneficiary or name their estate or their will, you can really mess that i are a gift. >> paperwork. so what you are talking about is naming the person in. >> at any point in time various brokerage accounts could have gone to my ex- wife or some girl from her hair you should review your
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paperwork at least once a year. >> you should reveal it anytime there's a life changing the event. when you set up a irna you can typically go on that firm and see what your beneficiary destinations are. a lot of 401k plans especially if the small they do not keep them on line and a lot of times a company that you work for niece to keep that. if you have a life changing the event to after child then you have to send that information. you could do a are certified mail so you can have a tracking record of it just in case something happens. >> when you get married-- prenup what we need to know ? >> let's say that you're going down the route of his
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second marriage and you are ready have a large retirement account or if the prenup states that any thing in the retirement plan is mind if something happens to the marriage and its finance--here is the deal, in california, a spouse is the meeting invested. some places a one year they have a right to left 401k asset. the only person that can waive their right is espouse. you cannot wave and a prenup. this supersedes the print out. they can turn brown and gray smoke said. if you're going to get married and you want that person to waive their rights after words then you still have work to do. it is not very romantic. >> this is something that you have realized that this
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is not on tow override-- state planning if you are trying to pay for--there's a lot a plan in place. >> 401k is once you start them once you're married all the assets statue added it would be done with your incomer which is committed property. if it is very hard to keep with separate property. that is why if you're going to do a prenup or keep assets separate and when you get married you have to do the decimation form if you want to name your children from a previous marriage and the new spouse is a sign often waive their rights but the same time that rescinded. >> let's talk about children and trust.
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>> first of all, going back to people who do not name their beneficiaries, if you pass away and if you do with the right way your children can stretch it out but if you do not name one, it just goes to your steak and that will have to pay the taxes within five years. if the best they can do is stretch about you have two choices you can name someone that can stretch about or pay all the taxes and five years. when it comes to children you do not want to name a child the record because when they turn 18 in my blood. one of the worst days you can do is leave an 18 year-old a lot of money. you wanna set up a trestle you have control in the distribution. the problem is that when people passed away, sometimes their homes or investment accounts. if
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the trust does not have the right distribution or the language it is not going to work right or it will cost the ira to be taxed. >> that is not something that we want to do. >> now what do you want to leaf-test >> if you want to leave money for charity is ira funds. separate the account and have to go to charity because the charity does not have to pay taxes. if your honor to do with in a trust the trust he needs to realize that. trusties have to be smart and know how to deal with these plans. >> if you want to learn what to do about financial planning. you can contact
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checked burton--888, 762- 2423. we will be right back. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> and welcome back. buying a home or selling a home can be very stressful. if this is one the biggest transactions you will make kimberlite. >> we will talk a little bit about the dispute is and how to avoid them altogether. >> let's talk about #one,
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sales, disputes and how to avoid them. >> think about it for a second, the purchase for most people is the single largest transaction that would ever do. but, most of those sales and do not involve a lawyer and as a resort percentages of people end up in disputes that could go to court. what we are going to talk about-- i have seen different things come to my office. >> let's talk of fraud. we are talking about two different type either a from to of misrepresentation where someone like to you. the other will day do not conceal ever think to you. if you do not have to but try to defraud a buyer it
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just may be that the seller may unintentionally innocently, not say something because they do not think is important but a buyer may think it is important for it if the buyer has been damaged and the seller can be held liable. >> i once sold a home and the wall only lasted a year with paint. i didn't know what was moisture or cracked but i did not disclose them i felt guilty. >> the general rule thumb is that it is born to be a question of fact but if it's something that a buyer be used as material to their decision to purchase your home then and they can- session this situation the rule is that if the seller is thinking that my being something that the buyer would care about the need to disclose a. why take risks.
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>> how long can someone come after me for a home about fraud issue? >> the statute of limitations for years for california. >> what about and an accurate sale? when home buyers go into a transaction i resigned that they are in a false sense of security. these are standard transactions with standard forms pripet i will tell you that is astonishing how many times i see disputes that arise because of the standard forms being filled out incorrectly. blanks are not phil dent or they have a vague language or boxes are checked the should not be checked. this is transferred and this is very extensive.
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if you answer a question by checking a box to say yes-- you are required to up or down an exclamation. you need to get a lawyer involved at the fun in before you sign the documents and this is important every home purchase. >> how much are you looking at to get an attorney? >> our office has a flat fee package because we recognize that most people are on a tight budget. we do not want the cost to be too much for that can i get good counsel, that is what we do. >> and what is included and should be excluded in a sale? >> this is a situation where you have a buyer come to the house they see this
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beautiful light fixture, they see it whenever they see. after the close, they show what they have the keys and the most things that fell in love with are gone. the seller has switched the chandelier for something cheaper. when we see real situations and this is an example. if people bought a particular piece of furniture was on the stay there. it was a stand-alone sale. the take away from this is that where the you are is seller or buyer you need to specify if there's any aspect of your home that seems to be unique and significant. this is not a part of the sale or let them know what is a part of the sale. >> what about title issues? >> the three most com that we sn
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titles are--this is common in the bay area where you have a lot of their regular shape parcels. we see easement disputes where i buy a home and i have the right to crossover my neighbors proper day pripet we also have maintenance and things to go along with that. finally, boundary disputes. we also have comment loss with census, concrete and other issues. >> thank you for joining us. >> you can't find him at
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415-454-0455. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. let's now check some e-mail's pripet >> he wants to know what do i do about pennies stocks? >> i think pennies stocks are for losers. i never met anyone who turned the sentencing that to get money. is only a couple of bucks. but one penny stock was sears and it became a penny stock because their debt was so large they
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benefited from a low as interest rates. but i never met a person who turned a canadian person into a significant wealth. the cautious about the spirit of >> this. >> you can do this anyway that you want to. you are getting a lot of stock but internationally you are missing some incomer. you can accomplish a lot but not more than 20, maybe 5 to 8 is good. e >> i am 35 years old and have 350,000 a month 401k. >> she is on to have been
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nice retirement. buildup and emergency fund if you're able to support your life style than that is great. i would continue to fund it. get a little bit a more. maybe in your 40's you want to stop working altogether. as long as you can do, keep doing it. >> what assurance co. do i use? >> i used by coal and u.s. a geico and usaa. maligne >> take care. drop me a e mail at.
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